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Prada, Gucci, Yves St Laurent and Tesco....

....are just some of the named brands that we don't stock here at Dive Odyssea. However, Cressi, Custom Divers, Otter, Northern Diver and Mares are most definately on the list of items that we do sell. Whether you need a 3ltr pony bottle with or without a regulator or a 12ltr twin set and stage bottle, we can supply you with all or any of them. We can offer you just about anything that you need, or in some cases stuff you just think you need in order to go diving. Like all of the services we provide here at Dive Odyssea, we pride ourselves on our integrity. This means that if you come into us thinking that you really must have that bit of kit you've seen other divers wearing/using/being arrested with! then we'll take the time to talk to you to see if that's actually what you need. Guess what? If we think you are wasting your money or there is a better/cheaper option that would be better suited to your needs, then we'll tell you. Even if that means you decide not to buy anything. We are not in the business of ripping people off.Masks

Having said that, if there is something that you really would like to get your hands on, then we'll either have it there and then or we'll get it for you quickly. We can kit you out from head to toe. Hoods to fins and double bladder wings to travel BCD's. Mask fins and snorkel along with regulators, tanks and weight belts. We sell torches and reels, dive knives and line cutters. We could even save your life with EPIRB's, dive flags and whistles and help you before you submerge with dive tables, wheels, slates and pencils. We do Suunto, Aladin, Cochrane and Mares computors together with both VR2 & 3 .

Twin set and single 12ltr

If we've not mentioned a brand name here it's because we do so many it's too easy to forget.. If there's a name or brand that you would like and we haven't listed it, please give us a call or drop into the shop and give us a try.

Buying for somebody else?

Now it could be that you are not a diver yourself but you would like to buy something for some body that is. Well we can help you there. We understand that all that talk of first stages, air integrated thingy's and, heaven forbid, flippers, can get a bit well...difficult. That's OK. We're here to help you get the right thing for the diver in your life. We have equipment for diving. DVD's on diving. Spare parts for diving (No. Not the club members!) and just about anything else to do with diving. Better yet, we do gift vouchers. Oh joy!! That solves all your problems. You buy a voucher or vouchers up to how ever much you want to spend, give it to the love of your life (or 'im/'er indoors!!!) and they come in and choose what they want. That includes courses, suits & equipment as well. That way you don't get the blame for buying the wrong 'thingy' and they walk away happy. You can spend a couple of quid or hundreds of pounds, it's up to you. For diving suits please see the 'Dive suits and clothing' section

P.S. 'Flipper' is the name of a Dolphin. They're called 'fins'


Need to hire stuff!?

Have you noticed that whenever a last minute dive comes up that you really fancy doing, your reg's or tanks are in for servicing! Don't you just hate that!?

Well, we provide a comprehensive range of regulators, wet suits, dry suits and just about anything else you may need to go diving for just those awkward little moments. You don't even have to be diving with us. Even if it's last minute, we'll do our level best to kit you out at a sensible price. We can provide you with a complete Wet Suit Option for £47.00 per day or the Dry Suit Option for £57.00. You can of course just hire individual items as required. Please give us a call.