About Dive Odyssea

C'mon in for a warm welcome

Welcome to the Dive Odyssea Web site. Please feel free to have a look around and see what we can offer you. Naturally we do the PADI entry level SCUBA diving course, but we also do a whole lot more. Whether it's swimming around a coral reef in beautiful clear warm water or diving on a WW1 battleship in the UK, we can offer it. If nothing on our site interests you, then please roll up your sleeve, put three fingers on the inside of your wrist, and check to see if you've still got a pulse!

As both a PADI 5 Star Centre and dive club, we have a well-earned reputation for offering quality courses. All of our Instructors are highly qualified, experienced and insured. In fact, the majority of our trainees come to us on the recommendation of people we've previously taught to dive. Remarkably, of that number, over 80% then go on to complete further courses with us. That means that we must be doing something right!

The emphasis for us is safety first. So, if you want a 'quick course' at minimal cost for your two weeks in the sun, then we're probably not what you're looking for. However, if you want quality training with safety as a priority, and you're between eight and eighty years old, you've come to the right place.

If you're already a certified loony, sorry, diver, then it could be that you're looking for other people to go diving with. We run day dives and weekends away to loads of various UK locations. This year alone we've either been, or trips are booked to, Eastbourne, Weymouth, IOW, Pembrokeshire, Ramsgate, Swanage and Scapa Flow.(ok the last one is a week's trip.) The same applies overseas to El Ghouna, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab in the Egyptian Red Sea together with Mexico. Our overseas trips attract a high proportion of non-diving partners and kids just because they're great holidays.

We've been teaching people to dive since 1995 and in that time, we've introduced literally thousands of people, young and old, to the sport. So although a web site can tell you a bit about us, why not give us a call? Better yet, come into the shop and have a chat. We'll put the kettle on!
Our address? Oh yeah. It's Dive Odyssea, 1, South Street, Rochford, Essex.
Tel 01702 542759

Bel-Air Sub Aqua
Bel-Air is the elder sister shop to Dive Odyssea and was first open for business in 1969.Over the intervening years, it has been responsible for some of diving's best innovations. Semi dry suits first saw the light of day here and even now, made to measure suits, both dry and semi dry, play a major part of the output. First set up by John Taylor and John Hawksbee, it is now run by John Hawksbee and his daughter Kim following the other John's well earned retirement. They are probably Essex longest running dive shop and consequently, have a vast knowledge of all aspects of diving and dive equipment. They are also suppliers and servicing engineers of equipment from a huge range of well known names. Want a Cressi BCD, Mares regs, Avanti fins or a D8 rechargeable torch? Well, they have them, and whilst you're there, you can get your tanks in for pumping too. Give us a call on 01702 542759 or call Bel-Air direct on 01702 353205. You can pop into the shop at 82, Fairfax Drive, Southend on Sea, (100m from Southend FC) Monday to Saturday between 9am and 6pm.
ScubaVentures UK Dive club

Unlike a lot of dive schools, we have our own highly successful dive club. It's called ScubaVentures UK. The membership currently stands at about 300. Want to make it 301? We don't do committees. We don't do cliques and we definitely don't do politics! What we do do, is loads of diving. We dive all year round in all conditions. Yeah we probably need to get a life but who said anything about being sane!! As a club we dive regularly both in the UK and overseas. As a rule, we'll probably run about four Red Sea holiday a year plus one long haul trip. Over the last ten years of our existence, we've had outings to the Maldives, Thailand, South Africa, Mexico, the Mediterranean and The Caribbean. They're just the more exotic locations if you like. We've seen Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Whale sharks, Dolphins, Moray eels and Leafy Sea Dragons. We've even swum with them all. Honestly. Some of us have even been nose to nose with the Great White Shark (OK that was from a cage). We've not even mentioned all the stunning reef fish, sandy beaches, coral reefs, historic sites and fleshpots weve been to. We run day and weekend trips to various UK sites with club members of varying degrees of experience. It doesn't matter if you've only just qualified or you've got hundreds of dives in your logbook, we can accommodate you. It could be that you've been on holiday somewhere, learnt to dive and now you're at a bit of a loss. You want to keep it up but you don't know what's involved. Easy. Come along to the shop, have a chat and a cuppa and we'll tell you all about the discounted kit hire and free club member pool nights.

Do you want your loved ones to be involved in the club? Not a problem. On our overseas trips and weekends away, members families often come along. For the overseas trips, they can spend the day on the dive boat with you or go off and do their own thing. It's up to them. (Of course for a small fee, you can go alone and we wont tell them!) A dive club is a great way of making sure that you can keep your dive skills up to scratch. On the Friday club members pool sessions, there is always plenty of Instructors available to either give you advice or run you through your skills. Of course you can just do your own thing and we'll all laugh about it in the pub afterwards! Talking of which, there are plenty of social events throughout the year should you like to partake.

We might run a night out to a restaurant, the pictures, a bowling alley, paintball or just a ramble through the countryside. It doesn't matter. Who cares!! Whatever you're looking for, we have it both in diving and social terms. Try it, you might like it!