Underwater Naturalist

Wot! You mean naked!!?

PADI Underwater Naturalist


Minimum age; 12

Minimum qualification: PADI Junior Open Water Diver


No it's not 15m skinny dipping, that's Naturist not Naturalist . The difference is vital because with the first we explore our amazing underwater world and have a look at some of the diverse creatures in it. We explore why some species work together for mutual benefit and what both parties get out of the relationship. You've seen Clown Fish swimming inside the poisonous tentacles of an anemone, so why doesn't it get stung? We'll also take a look at identical relationships amongst our own aquatic wildlife here in the UK so next time you go diving, you'll know not only what you're looking at but why it looks that way.

And Naturist? That means in the nude and no, we don't teach that course!

The course involves a self study portion followed by two dives with a suit on!!


Swimming Crab