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Becoming a Club Member... Club members in the Maldives
...couldn't be easier. All you have to do is call me on 01702 542759. E-mail me at or just drop into the shop. There are a large number of benefits to becoming a member of ScubaVentures UK. Apart from the obvious social ones; discounted kit hire, discounted diving and money off dive equipment are also major benefits. We have membership for individuals as well as couples and families so contact me and we'll sort you out. Just read down the page to see exactly what it is you'll be getting for your pennies.


Thursday night pool sessions

For non club members, the entrance fee is £6. To you as a club member it's absolutely free.

Dive kit

Discounted equipment hire

The longer you hire, the cheaper the rate. One days equipment hire to you as a member attracts a 10% discount. Two days or more gives you 20% off the price. (Excluding courses) 

Dive clothing & Products

Again, as a club member you are entitled to a 10% discount. That includes clothing, log books, eRDP's, dive wheels, books and all other products in the PADI brochure. (Not including course inclusive products) We also extend this to 'Weezle' and 'Fourth Element' clothing which is great news whether you dive here in the UK or abroad in tropical climes. Have a look at the 'Dive Suits and Clothing' page.

Dive courses

From the PADI AOW course onwards, each course you pay for attracts a 5% discount. This also includes Specialties so the more you do, the more you save. We've also added TDI courses to the list as well so now there's no excuse. (Don't forget that we already discount courses overseas)

Regular Newsletters

This keeps you up to date with who's who and what's what in the club. This is where we list those last minute trips and social events. If you are not a club member, you don't have access to the web site only newsletter. The Dive Odyssea dive calendar also appears here before it goes out to the general riff raff...sorry, non members!

PADI Scuba Review

This ensures that all your dive skills are bang up to date. If you've not dived for a while and you're looking to get back in the water then you would be well advised to take us up on this members benefit. When was the last time you practiced your Alternate Air Source skills or Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent? This course alone is worth your annual membership fee.

Discounted dive trips

Most other dive trip organisers will take your money and sort out the boat. That's it. No friendly advice, no first aid kit and no spare equipment. Plus of course, we always provide a staff member to dive with those that need it.

Just as importantly, you get five pounds off every days UK boat diving you do as a club member.

Anniversary diving


Drop by the shop at 1, South Street, Rochford or call me on 01702 542759 or e-mail me at