Frequenly asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

This is by no means a comprehensive list of customer questions but I hope that we've covered the majority. If there is a burning question that you would like to ask before you commit to a course, then please give me a call at the shop or pop in for a chat.



"Why are there no prices on your site ?"

This is a deliberate policy so as not to mislead you. Yes honestly, and no you're not going mad. Put it this way; You've probably already looked at other dive school web sites, or if you haven't you probably will. That's called shopping around for the best deal. But do you know exactly what it is you'll be getting for your money? What's included in your course as standard? Are there other items you'll need in order to actually complete the course? You don't know do you? Of course you don't, that's why you shop around and ask questions in order to find out. You've seen the car adverts on TV that advertise a brand new car for £6000. But what if you want a tyre in every corner! Or a rear spoiler. How about vehicle insurance? You can buy the car for £6000, but in order to buy the one you actually want and for you to actually use it....there's all the extras to take into consideration. That's why it's not very useful to you the customer for us to print standard prices. We don't know which variation of a course it is that you need.

There are still dive schools out there that advertise an Open Water course for a particular price but when you contact them, or worse still start the course, you'll find that the DVD and the Student Manual for example, are not included. That's like saying that we'll teach you to become a mechanic for £100 but there's no tools included. What's the point? You'll need to splash out another £50 for tools in order to qualify!! Suddenly that too good to be true price is exactly what it seems; Too good to be true! We think this is misleading and a bit underhand. If they can't even be up front with their sales pitch.....

So, rather than give you some riduculously eye catching price that will get you through the door under false pretences, we'd rather be honest with you from the start. By all means shop around, but ask exactly what it is that you'll be getting for your money. More importantly, ask what you won't be getting. Your PADI Open Water Course should include all of your manuals, tables and ;DVD's/videos which are yours to keep, (generally known as a crew pack) classroom tuition, all scuba equipment for both pool and open water modules as well as certification costs should also be included. In fact, everything you need up front to qualify and go diving. If it doesn't, then think about going elsewhere.

So please call us. Tell us what it is you're after and we'll give you an honest, no hidden costs answer that will pleasantly suprise you. If after that you still think that the other dive school is the better option, then good for you.


"Do I need a medical?"

Very unlikely. As long as you are in good health and you've got a pulse, there shouldn't be a problem. The course involves a medical self certification portion and as long as the answer to the questions is "No" you're fine. If there are any doubts, we can recommend a number of local Doctors that can set your mind at rest.


"How old do I need to be?"

10 years old to enrol on the PADI Open Water course and 8 years old to do the kids "Bubblemaker" programme


"What qualifications do your Instructors have?"

All of our club Instructors are PADI qualified with comprehensive liability insurance. Some have Instructor certification from other training agencies in addition to this along with secure vetting for teaching children.


"What if I don't like it?"

Well you've come this far so it's more than likely that you're at least a bit interested!. Why not try before you buy? Come along for a 'Try Dive' and you can give it a go for minimal cost.We're pretty confident that once you realise that there's nothing to worry about and see how easy it is, you'll wonder why you didn't just enroll in the first place.


"Can I pay as I go along?"

Yes. There, that was easy wasn't it? All we ask is that you pay an initial deposit which covers the cost of your training manual/DVD/dive tables. After that you can pay as you progress with the full balance due at the time of completion. Of course you can pay it all in one fell swoop if you're feeling generous and that means that we get to eat two or three times a week then!!


"What kit do I need to bring along?"

Nothing except for a swimming costume and a T shirt to wear in the pool. Everything else is provided as part of your course


"When are the training sessions?"

Tuesday night is the main training evening but we also do Friday evenings as well. The training sessions don't finish until about 10:15pm and for our younger students, (Yes, your little cherubs) this can sometimes be a little late cos of school. Fridays therefore might be a better night for them. Depending on demand, we also run sessions on a Saturday if required.


"How long does it take?"

The PADI Open Water Course is run with the intention of completing the pool and academic portion over six sessions, normally one session per week. However, having said that, different people learn at different speeds so if it takes a couple of sessions more to help you through the course, so be it. We won't charge you any extra for them. Once the pool and classroom stuff is completed, we then finish you off as it were, over two days in real water. As a general rule, you should aim to allow yourself about eight weeks from day one till certification. We can cut that time frame down considerably if we need to. Come in and ask us.


"I'm going on holiday soon"

That's not a problem. As we mentioned in the previous answer, the course is usually geared up for about 8 weeks but we've accommodated pre booked holidays many times. Give us your dates and we'll tell you there and then if it's possible to complete in time. Whilst we can cut the time to two or three weeks, this will require considerable effort on your part in order to achieve this, as we will not drop the course standards and compromise safety.  


"I have to work shifts"

You're not making this easy are you!? Actually we can accommodate shift patterns as well. We understand that you lead a busy life and we'll do our best to accommodate this. We've not yet been beaten by a shift pattern.


"Can I finish it on holiday?"

Yes. That option is known as "Referral". You do your pool and knowledge sessions here with us and then we sign you off at that point as having successfully completed that portion of the course. You happily poodle off on your holiday with your "referral slip" and the local dive school complete the course. Easy. Of course you could kill two birds with one stone and come along with us to any of the frequent overseas dive trips we run every year. That way, you can complete your course and you could also bring along the rest of the family for a great holiday.


"How often do you run courses?"

As often as we need to. If you come in and there isn't one that fits your time frame, we'll start one. Flexible enough for you?


" we do it as a family?"

Certainly. We often have families that complete the course together. It's geared up to suit all age groups so that nobody gets left behind. If somebody starts to lag behind a bit in the knowledge portion, then we get one of their kids to help them!!


"I struggle a bit sometimes with reading and writing"

Well so do a lot of other people we've taught to dive. It really isn't a problem. The course is much more practical than academic so you're half way there already. We'll help you with the knowledge section and if need be, you can complete an oral version if that helps. We won't lower the standard for you; we just give you a bit of a leg up to reach it.


"Are the skills really hard?"

No is the simple answer. The course is geared up so that 10 year olds pass it. Whatever your level of confidence in the water, we take the time and effort to ensure that you are completely happy and confident before we take you anywhere near the Open Water section of the course. That's why we run the extra sessions if you need them.


"OK. I've finished the course. Now what?"

Put it this way. We've just taught you to pass your driving test so now you have to get some experience on the roads. Does that make sense? You've obtained a qualification that starts you off in a World of tremendous diving opportunities. Wreck diving, Cave diving, Underwater Photography, Etc. etc. etc.  The next step might be your PADI Advanced Open Water course or any of the PADI Specialties on the list. The choice is yours. How about just diving for a bit to hone your newly acquired skills? You can do this independently or you might think of joining our club and gaining some more experience that way. You decide. You're the diver.