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Debbie Woods

Debbie Woods.

 PADI Master Instructor.
 BSAC Open Water Instructor.
 TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Instructor.

Debbie is the proud owner and driving force behind Dive Odyssea. She has been involved in Scuba diving since 1989 when she gained her BSAC Novice Diver qualification. She then went on to obtain her Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor, again with the BSAC then turned professional with PADI before going on to gain her current rating. Debbie has dived in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, South Africa, Indonesia, The Philippines,Thailand, the Maldives, the Red Sea as well as all around the UK. She is passionate about her diving and enjoys UK wrecks just as much as warm coral seas. Debbie has a very ‘hands on’ approach to all the courses at Dive Odyssea to ensure that they remain safe, and above all, fun.


Angela Munro.

PADI Master Instructor

IAHD Instructor


Angela first came to Dive Odyssea in 1999 when she completed her Open Water course. Since then, Ang’ has been an ever present club stalwart attaining her current rating in 2005. She is a care home manager in real life and lives with her partner Roy, another Dive Odyssea member. All her kids are club members after also having been taught by us, and we eagerly await the next generation of Munro’s. It’s fair to say, that no trip is ‘official’ unless Ang’ is on it. About the only place Angela has not dived is in the Antipodes. (Watch this space)

Angela Munro



Richard Boutcher

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Richard first learned to dive in the Maldives in 1990 and does his best to fit his job as a projects manager around his diving. He has dived extensively in Malaysia and Indonesia where he was allegedly managing a project. He too has also dived the Caribbean, the Red Sea, Australia, New Zealand and all around the UK. Richard is an avid underwater photographer and is the guy responsible for a lot of the very impressive photographs in the shop. He was a worthy finalist in the 2006 Wildlife Photographer of the Year and, not surprisingly, conducts our PADI Underwater Photographer Specialty programme.

Richard Boutcher


Laura Manvell - Church

Laura Manvell -Church

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

Laura joined us in 2000 as a qualified Instructor and has a particular bent for the ‘Bubblemaker’ course and children's programs in general (She's a mum of one.) Laura now runs our outbased children's snorkelling and diving programme. After having first learned to dive in Thailand back in 1991, Laura went on to own her own diving school in Spain for a number of years before the lure of ‘home’ called her back. She has dived in the Med, New Zealand, the Galapagos Islands, Thailand, the Philippines, Norway, France and the Red Sea.




PADI Master Instructor

Rob joined us as a qualified PADI Open Water Diver back in 2007 after having started to dive in the Maldives. Since then, he has virtually lived down the shop and been on just about every training weekend, Channel dive trip and quite a few Red Sea trips with us. He has gained a lot of diving experience in a very short time and he is already proving to be a big asset to the club and its members. A builder by trade, we're hoping his training skills stack up as well as his brick work!!

Rob has dived in the Maldives, the Caribbean, the Red Sea and all around the UK.



Phil Pope


Phil Pope

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Phil first learned to dive in 1991. He later obtained his PADI Instructor qualification in Thailand where he spends a lot of his time due to business interests. As a result, he has extensive experience of diving in the Far East which is very useful for students completing their courses with exotic holidays in mind. He is an engineer by profession, an occupation that he undertook following his early retirement as a lingerie model. As well as the Far East, Phil has dived in the Caribbean, the Red Sea and around the UK.



Brian Bishop-Laggett.

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Brian, or BBL as he’s known, came to us back in 2000 as a newly qualified PADI Open Water Diver and he’s been here ever since. He owns his own satellite and security installation company (BBL Aerials) but still manages to fit his diving around his busy schedule. Like all of our long term staff members, BBL gained a very thorough understanding of student diver training prior to reaching his current rating. BBL has been on a number of Red Sea trips and dived around the UK.


Brian Bishop-Laggett

Eddie Dowd


Eddie Dowd

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 

Eddie, just like all of our other Staff Members has completed the Internship program here at Dive Odyssea. He is our first Scottish member of staff and he's rather proud of it although he's not overly fond of 'Braveheart' jokes for some reason (I can't think why!)

Eddie came to us as a PADI Advanced Open Water diver after having initially learned to dive in the Maldives in 2000. After completing his Rescue Diver course with us, he then moved on to complete his DM Certification and then onto his current rating. Eddie is married to Sue and they have four daughters (so far) and it has been suggested that the reason he escapes into diving is to get some peace and quiet!! Surely not!

Eddie has dived in the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, the Florida Keys, the Canary Islands as well as the Maldives. 



Karl Prust

PADI Dive Master  


Learnt to dive way back in 2000 and at that stage travelled overseas to dive on family holidays.  Karl came to Dive Odyssea in 2012 and his diving grew from strength to strength.  Karl spends many hours helping out in the pool and Open Water with us.  He stills dives regularly overseas.  This year he has travelled to the Red Sea, Malta and Mexico.  Karl also enjoys UK diving and you find him on many UK boat trips and in an active member of the Dive Club.  In 2016 Karl gets married to partner Sari.  We wish them all the happiness in the world.  Good thing is Sari is also a Diver and joins Karl on most trips running.




Julie Kimmens.



Julie works in the City and like many other members of our team learnt at Dive Odyssea.  She started in 2011 and since then has been actively involved in club activities and training programs.  She is fantastic trainer with all age groups and is a bubbly character who is great to have around.  Again Julie dives both here and overseas and enjoys both types of diving.  She is currently progressing through her technical diving courses and wish her luck with her endeavours.    Julie has two cute Pomeranians, Honey and Treacle which she loves to bits, they often join Julie on UK lake trips to take in the scenery and enjoy the pampering. 




Jamie Keeble.



Jamie learnt to Scuba here at the Club in 2012 and completed his PADI Open Water Course on a club trip to Cornwall in a sheltered bay.

Since then he has risen through the ranks at the club to achieve his PADI Divemaster rating,  Jamie likes to dive both in the UK and Overseas and his been on several overseas trips with us including the Red and Tobago.

When he is not diving his other pass time is riding his horse Beauty and spending time with one of our Rescue candidates Maria.  He has a great sense of humour and takes it’s all in his stride. 





Steve Atkinson

PADI Divemaster

Steve is an IT Manager and qualified as an Open Water Diver, May 2001. Since qualifying he has used diving as an excuse to travel the world, including trips to Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Central America, the Caribbean, Kenya and Egypt. Steve has lost track of the number of times he has been shouted at by confused American divers when rolling into the water in a baseball cap to keep the sun off!




Yvette Tucker

PADI Dive Master  

Yvette works in the City and like many other members of our team learnt at Dive Odyssea.  She started  in 2007 and since then has been actively involved in club activities and training programs.  Yvette's Husband Ed calls her a Dive Wizard.  Why we will never really find out the true answer! All we know is, that she puts her wizarding skills into our teaching programs.  She is fantastic trainer  with all age groups and is a bubbly character who is great to have around.  Yvette has a keen interest in land and underwater photography and has dived all around the world. 





Dave Parasram

Dave joined us a couple of years ago as an already qualified Divemaster and affectionately adopted the title of DM Dave.  Since then he has gained both Assistant Instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor credentials.  Dave has a whole wealth of dives and stories to tell you and has a reputation for his patience and warm natured Instructor Style.  Dave has travelled around the globe and spends many of his Holidays in clear water of Cyprus with his wife Jayne. 



Sam Auger-Forbes


Sam learnt to dive with Dive Odyssea in 2010 and is another home grown Instructor. He has abundant enthusiasm and is keen to jump in the water come rain come shine.  He is very active keeping our Dive Odyssea Facebook up to date and we are convinced he will develop the first underwater operating Ipad.  He is keen to promote Dive Odyssea and has organised a Club Bike Ride from London to Southend in aid of Fair Haven Charity which raised just short of £1000. Sam has dived in the UK and Red Sea and is looking forward to the Maldives later in the year.



Craig Bradbrook

PADI Divemaster

Craig is a motor mechanic by trade.  He is married to Sarah and together they have two boys, one almost 10 waiting desperately to dive with Daddy.  Although Craig has dived around the world his heart lies in UK Wreck diving enjoying areas such as the Isle of Wight and the wrecks of the Sussex and Cornish coast lines.   He is very passionate about his sport and is a very active and popular member of our dive club.   He likes a practical joke, which often back fires on him which makes it even funnier, but when it comes down to the safety of the dive he is one of the best buddy’s to have around.