Web Design

As well as Dive Odyssea's website the Internet Web sites listed below were also designed and Produced by Ray Coleman

In addition the following web site were developed for Visteon's Corporate Intranet


Websites... By Design....

You have questions... I have answers! With the ability to display graphics, animation, and interactive elements, today's websites are more dynamic and engaging than ever before. Whether you are interested in a world wide accessible marketing/promotional tool or an inter-company useonly intranet site, we are more than capable of accommodating your current and future business needs. Here is a brief lookat what can be provided for your web site.

Professional page layout and site design

experienced in combining eye-catching visuals with creative page layouts to produce unique sites with a quality look and feel that will give your business the impressive web image it deserves. Creative, yet intuitive interfaces ensure that your visitors will easily find what they need with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Graphic Design

Graphics and imagery are widely recognized as being important qualities in catching and holding a web surfers attention, thus drawing them deeper into a website. I brings to you experience in graphic editing, 3D creations, and more. So whether you prefer to have original, custom-made graphics for your site, or work with graphics you provide, together we will make your website look its very best.

Making technology work

By taking advantage of the latest web browser software's capabilities, programming in asp and JavaScript adds attention-grabbing flash and bang to your website. From scrolling marquees and rollover animation, to interactive elements like instant feedback from your visitors, asp and JavaScript's dynamic capabilities make them indispensable tools in web development., asp and JavaScript will give you a dynamic, state of the art web site that is on the cutting edge.

If you would like a web site created, or help and advice for your existing web site you can contact Ray Coleman Here